Shocker...not everything you read on-line is true.  Here are some tips for finding accurate information when doing an on-line search:

    Limit your search, when possible, to .edu, .gov or .mil sites
              .edu restricted to an accredited educational institutions
              .gov restricted to the US government 
              .mil restricted to the US military

    Enter your search using this format - site:edu “search item” 

                                              Example - site:edu "blood diamonds" 

    When you need to broaden your search to .com, .org, etc. be sure to check for site creditability (check out our credibility of sources tab). 

    Instead of searching the entire World Wide Web, search for your topic within a credible website or websites - Site:web address topic
                                   Example - site:mayoclinic.org "broken arm" 

    AVOID websites that end in - lo
                                  Example - Newslo

    AVOID websites that end in - .com.co (or any other designation following .com)