• SVSD Employee/Volunteer: 

    1. Report the incident to your supervisor and get medical attention if needed.

        In the event of a life-threatening injury, call 911.

    2. Go online to www.PSWCT.org to report the incident. Completing this online form will generate an Accident/Incident Report that will be sent to your supervisor to conduct an investigation. 

    3. If you indicated that you have sought, or intend to seek, medical care, a claim for workers' compensation benefits will be established for you. You will hear from PSWCT within 3 business days. 



    1. Report the incident to the Site Admin or School Nurse. Get medical attention if needed.

        In the event of a life threatening injury, call 911.

    2. Complete the Incident Accident Report Form.

    2. Return the form to the site's main office to have the Site Administrator complete their report/investigation. 


    2022-2023 Accident & Sickness Insurance: 


    Parent/Guardian Letters

    Cartas de padres/tutores

    Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment

    Autorización Para Tratamiento Médico de Emergencia