Classes at Middle School

  • Registration for Exploratory classes has ended. Please contact the school registrar if you have questions.

    What are classes like at Middle School?

    All 6th grade students have 6 class periods per day.  They take four required core classes: Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  They take one required PE/Health class and one exploratory of their choosing.  We automatically enroll your student in the required classes but ask students to choose their exploratory classes.


    Your student will choose an exploratory from two options:  

    1. Music Pathway - students take Band or Choir as a year-long course.  
    2. Exploratory Rotation - students take four quarter-long courses:  Art, Integrated Technology, Creative Writing, Music Appreciation.


    Sample schedules and course descriptions are in the link below: 

    6th Grade Course Discription