Q:  Who do I contact if I have, or witness, an accident?

    A:  Campus Security – williamsk1@svsd410.org

    Q:  Where am I supposed to park if I do not have a parking permit?

    A:  You must utilize street parking on Meadowbrook, Schushman and connecting streets, and any other streets surrounding the campus. 

    Q.  What to do if you get a ticket but have a parking permit:


    A.  Email shinnm@svsd410.org or boycer@svsd410.org .  Provide students' first and last names and assigned parking permit number.

    Q:  Who has ticket and towing jurisdiction for cars parked on the streets surrounding the school?

    A:  Snoqualmie Police Department

    Q:  What happens if I don’t pay my parking tickets?

    A:  You will not be able to attend/take part in school sanctioned events/activities when parking fines, or any fines/fees, are unpaid at the time of the activity (i.e. fall/winter/spring sports participation, homecoming dance, prom, etc.)

    Q:  What would result in a ticket being issued and what is the ticket fee?

    A:  Click HERE to view the MSHS Driving & Parking Regulations.

    Q:  Can MSHS students who do not have a full day schedule park in the visitor spots (i.e. late arrivals, running start, WANIC, etc.)?

    A:  No.  Visitor spots are for visitors only. MSHS students who want to park on campus must have a parking permit.

    Q:  Can I park in the garage under the campus?

    A:  No!  Parking in the garage is for staff only.  Vehicles without a staff parking permit will be ticketed.

    Q:  Who do I contact if I have a question about the parking permit process?

    A:  Email parkingpermits@svsd410.org .