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Testing Resources

Language Assessment List

The language assessment list is available to see which tests our district administers. If you don't see your language listed, please contact Tanya Alter from our Teaching & Learning Department. 

Practice Tests

Proficiency Levels & High School Credits Awarded

 Language Competency Level
 Based on Proficiency Testing

High School World Language
Credit Awarded   

 Novice Mid


 Novice High


 Intermediate Low


 Intermediate Mid (& above)


Additional Resources

STAMP 4S & WS Scoring & Rubric Guide - Visit STAMP's webpage for an outline of test scoring and a rubric.  We will assess most, but not all, students using STAMP 4S.  Criteria vary across assessments, but this provides a general idea of the criteria used to assess student proficiency.

Comparison Between ACTFL, CEFR & ILR - This document allows families who are familiar with the European assessment system to compare Washington State World Language competency testing to European assessments.

Resources For Teaching Children A Home Language

There are many resources for families that also encourage teaching children to read and write in their home language.  We have gathered a few below for families with children of all ages.