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What is AVID?
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an internationally-recognized, college-readiness program for eligible high school students. AVID is intended to accelerate the performance of students who function academically in the middle range and who have the potential and motivation to work hard to qualify to attend a four-year college. The Snoqualmie Valley School District established the AVID program as part of its commitment to helping all students prepare for college and careers.

The AVID Elective
The core of AVID is an elective class offered in high school. It targets students in the academic middle (B and C students) with the desire to go to college and the willingness to work hard. AVID places these students on the college track, requiring them to enroll in the most rigorous courses that are appropriate for them while providing them with support for their rigorous coursework. When possible, students in the AVID program remain with the same teacher and AVID classmates, as they advance to subsequent grade levels during their high school careers.


District AVID Coordinator:
Marcella Murphy

More Information


More Information

This consistency fosters supportive relationships and can help boost confidence. In addition to social emotional benefits, other objectives of the AVID program include:

  • Developing academic skills so students may enroll and succeed in college prep, honors and AP classes  

  • Improving college level entry skills, such as note-taking, critical thinking, and study skills

  • Providing guidance and encouragement from college mentors

  • Ensuring students meet admission requirements of four-year colleges and universities

  • Preparation for SAT and ACT college entrance exams

  • Increasing college/career awareness through field trips and guest speakers 

  • Assisting in the college application process

  • Expanding knowledge of college scholarships and financial aid opportunities

Who is a good candidate?
Potential AVID students may meet some of the following criteria:  

  • GPA of 2.0-3.5

  • Is proficient or on the "bubble" of state tests

  • Is able to complete four-year university entrance requirements prior to graduation

  • Is a hard worker, has a positive attitude, and is collaborative in nature

  • May be underrepresented racially, culturally, or economically in college and universities

  • Has potential, but may also have special circumstances that could be obstacles to achievement   

The Application Process
Students must apply for the AVID program which includes an application and interview. There are a limited number of places for each class, and a level of commitment is expected from AVID students. For more information concerning the application process please contact the Mount Si High School. 

AVID Tutors
Interested in becoming an AVID Tutor?  Tutorials are a collaborative environment in which students use the inquiry process and Socratic dialogue to address Points of Confusion from their content classes in order to come to a more complete understanding of what they are learning. Tutors will assist in this collaborative process.The program would welcome volunteer tutors who can commit to a semester or the whole year.