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Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Entrance to kindergarten in the Washington state public school system requires a child to be aged five years no later than August 31 of that school year. However, if a parent/guardian believes their child is sufficiently advanced in global development, including intellectually, socially, adaptively, motorically, and with language development, and their child turns five years old by Nov. 30, they may notify the Snoqualmie Valley School District of their intent to engage in an exemption process to this policy.

The process for Early Entrance to Kindergarten includes:
  1. Review full details of the Early Entrance to Kindergarten Process. A Checklist is available below to assist families in completing the process. 
  2. Complete and submit the Notice of Nomination Form. (Child must be five years old by Nov. 30 to be eligible)
  3. Complete and submit all mandatory application components.
  4. State-licensed psychologist must complete and submit an independent assessment meeting the Private Assessment Criteria
  5. The Early Kindergarten Entrance Committee will make the final decision using the Eligibility Rubric. 

2023-2024 Submission Deadlines
June 9, 2023 with final determination shared by Jun 16, 2023
Aug 11, 2023 with final determination shared by Aug 18, 2023

All applications submitted before the application consideration dates will be viewed on June 9 and August 11, 2023, respectively. Please do not complete online registration for kindergarten until you have received formal notification that your child has been granted conditional acceptance status. Conditional admission is six weeks. Admissions decisions are final and are not subject to appeal. For more information, contact Nicole Snyder.

Early Entrance Checklist

Questions regarding Early Entrance to Kindergarten?  Contact Marci Nicholson, School Psychologist, at (425) 831-0948 or 

Checklist items include: 

  •  Early Entrance to Kindergarten Notice of Nomination form

  •  Proof of Residency

  •  Early Entrance to Kindergarten Private Assessment form - ensure you have provided the

    psychologist with the required form

  •  Attend SVSD Kindergarten Information Event at your child’s neighborhood school

  • Complete SVSD Kindergarten Screener at your child’s neighborhood school 

The Early Kindergarten Entrance Committee will review all application materials to make a determination of acceptance or denial for early entrance; all determinations are final and will not be subject to appeal.