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Change of Service

When considering exiting a student from the Highly Capable Program, the emphasis will be on meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of the student. If the student is exhibiting evidence of unsatisfactory class work, demonstrated lack of motivation or lack of task commitment, and/or documentation that the student is not working to his/her potential a recommendation for exit should be made.

If for any reason, a student requires additional support in regard to the appropriateness of highly capable placement, the following procedures will be implemented.

Step 1

A conference will be held between the parent and teacher (and student if appropriate). The purpose of this meeting will be to: 

  • Discuss measurable goals with a timeline of four weeks.  

  • The school principal will be notified of goals and timeline. If the concerns remain after the designated timeline, a follow-up meeting will be held to revise the goals or go on to step 2. 

Step 2

A conference will be scheduled with the parent, teacher, building principal, district administrator and other Gifted Advisory Committee members as appropriate. The purpose of this meeting will be to:  

  • Discuss concerns.

  • Set measurable goals with a four week timeline or make a decision to exit the student from the current Highly Capable Program placement 

If concerns remain after the designated timeline, go on to step 3. 

Step 3

  • Student exits the program (preferably at end of school year). 

  • Should the student wish to re-enter the program in the future, the request will be considered by the district’s Gifted Advisory Committee to determine what identification procedures are appropriate. 

Highly Capable Intervention/Exit Procedure Form