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Screening and Referral Process

Universal Screening

New legislation requires all school districts in Washington State to implement universal screening at two grade levels, utilizing at least two student data points. The purpose of universal screening and this legislation is to include students who traditionally are not referred for highly capable programs and services. With this change in mind, Snoqualmie Valley School District will review a body of evidence for all students considered for highly capable services. This change allows the Multidisciplinary Identification and Placement Committee (MIPC), whose function is to review multiple data points, to determine each student’s need for highly capable services.

In accordance with new Washington State Law, Snoqualmie Valley School District is implementing the following changes for 2023-24 HiCap referral process. 

  • Universal screening of all 1st and 3rd graders occurs during the school day in their classrooms.
    • Referrals will no longer be needed as a body of evidence will be reviewed for all students in 1st and 3rd grades. See the Identification Assessments for more information about a student's body of evidence. 
    • Families have the ability to opt out of universal screening through our online form.
    • Students in STREAM classrooms do not participate in the Screener as they already receive high capable services. 
    • Students in cluster groups will participate in the Screener for additional data review in the domain they do not receive highly capable services. Screener score does not impact current services. 
  • The kindergarten referral process consists of reviewing a body of evidence for all students, using data we already collect, and does not include an additional assessment. It is unnecessary to refer students in kindergarten. Students whose body of evidence shows high ability in Kindergarten and in 1st grade before the screening are placed on watch, and instruction is differentiated within their classroom. 

Referral Process

Students from grades 2nd, 4th-7th or new the district can be referred by a teacher, parent/guardian, community member or themselves for highly capable service consideration on an annual basis within our referral window by filling out an application form. Applications must be completed and submitted within the open referral window for a student to be considered for highly capable testing. For the 2023-2024 school year, referral applications must be received between Nov. 6, 2023 - Jan. 5, 2024. Applications will not be accepted after this deadline.

The Multidisciplinary Identification and Placement Committee (MIPC) will review the body of evidence for each student referred. The body of evidence for referrals will be reviewed, but not all referrals will be eligible for further testing. 

Online Referral Application