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Secondary Multilingual Program

A content-based Supportive Mainstream instructional model is used in our secondary schools. In this model, students spend their day in their regular classrooms.  Classroom teachers facilitate whole group, small group and individual support using Sheltered Instruction strategies, such as Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) to support their ML students.  In addition, a certificated teacher teaches an English Language Development class for beginning students and academic support classes for intermediate and long-term English learners.  These classes work to build student proficiency in academic language, helping students access the core curriculum throughout the rest of their day.  They focus on oral language development, explicit instruction in the structure of the English language, and academic language development through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  They may also support the student in their core classroom work.  Some secondary school ML students also receive after-school support for additional language instruction.

In addition,  ML specialists provide on-going support through co-teacher, co-planning, instructional coaching, consulting, collaborative assessment, and professional development to support the implementation of Sheltered Instruction strategies.