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Special Education

Special Education is specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability. SVSD is committed to providing individualized services that ensure equitable access to high-quality educational experiences in all schools. Our goals include assisting students to achieve academic success, promoting inclusive practices, and ensuring successful transitions to post-secondary education, employment, and independent living. 

Special Education staff is committed to providing a continuum of instructional and related services for all students with disabilities, ages three to twenty-one years. Special education services encompass our Child Find obligation, special education preschool services, Transition Learning Center, and Related Services.

To qualify for Special Education and Related Services, a special education evaluation is conducted and a three-pronged approach is applied such that:

  1. The student has a disability as defined by the state;

  2. The evaluation team asserts there is evidence of adverse educational impact; and

  3. The student requires specially designed instruction to make satisfactory progress toward general education standards.

Contact your school principal if you have questions about Special Education services or believe your child requires Special Education services.

For additional information regarding special education resources in our state, please visit the OSPI website. Families may also review the OSPI Notice of Special Education Procedural Safeguards for Students and Their Families from the OSPI website

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