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Summer School at SVSD

At Snoqualmie Valley School District, we are committed to supporting the continuous learning journey of our students even beyond the traditional school year. We understand that each student has unique needs and potential, and our Summer School Program is designed to offer targeted educational opportunities to foster growth and prepare students for the challenges of the upcoming academic year grades K-4.

Program Overview

Our Summer School Program is an invite-only initiative tailored to provide an enriched learning environment for selected students. With a focus on enhancing academic skills, closing learning gaps, and promoting a love for learning, our summer curriculum is crafted to meet the specific needs of invited participants. The number of spots for students to attend will be based on the number of staff. 

Why is the Program Invite-Only?

Due to limited staffing resources and our commitment to maintaining a high-quality, personalized learning experience, participation in our Summer School Program is by invitation only. This approach allows us to carefully match our educational resources with the students who we believe will benefit most from the summer learning experience.

How Families Are Selected and Notified

Selection for the Summer School Program is based on a comprehensive review of students' academic performances, teacher recommendations, and other relevant factors. Our goal is to identify students who will significantly benefit from additional academic support during the summer.

Typically, families of selected students are directly notified by our staff in May. Invitations will include detailed information about the program schedule, curriculum, and any necessary preparations.

Program Info

Cascade View Elementary

Summer School Dates
July 8-25

Grades Served