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Business Services

The Business Department oversees budgeting, enrollment projections, accounting, payroll/benefits, accounts payable and receivable, and purchasing.


The Communication Department oversees the District website, social media accounts, publications, public records request and weekly newsletter. 

Pam Chambers deliver snacks to a student

Food Serivces

The Food Service Department serves meals that are convenient, economical and healthy. Our menus are designed to provide good nutrition and variety for our students.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department oversees  recruitment, hiring, employee development, compliance, and creates a positive environment for students and staff.


The Maintenance and Operations Department maintains and improves school facilities, ensuring they are safe and functional for students and staff.

Student Services

The Student Services Department oversees early childhood education, counseling, health, McKinney Vento, special education, and other support services. 

Teaching & Learning

The T &L Department  is dedicated to excellence in education. It supports teachers, develops engaging curriculum, and promotes student achievement.


The Technology Department manages and supports technology integration, infrastructure, and resources to enhance teaching, learning, and administrative operations.

Student running to one of three buses.


The Transportation Department provides safe and reliable transportation services for students, ensuring they can attend school and educational activities efficiently.