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Payroll Benefits Retirement Information

To see your benefit enrollment, please log into to your SEBB My Account at this link:  SEBB My Account

I do not have access to your login or password.  If you need your SEBB My Account reset because you have misplaced your login information please let me know.  After reset you have to create new information in your SAW account and then you will again have access to your SEBB My Account.

Benefits do not show in Skyward anymore because you are under the state plan. There is no more information in the Insurance Tracking area of Skyward regarding your benefits.

SEBB plans run 1/1/xxxx through 12/31/xxxx.  Open enrollment to change plans on the SEBB website for 2023 is closed. Changes to the plans or premiums for 2023 were available on the SEBB website from 10/31/2021 through 11/21/2022.

If you suffer a 125 qualifying event outside of open enrollment, please contact payroll for instructions on how to open a Special Open Enrollment on the SEBB website.


 Carrier Information: