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Addams Family

Mout Si High School Drama proudly presents a captivating production of "The Addams Family," a musical comedy that brings the beloved and quirky Addams family to life in an unforgettable way. This new adaptation by the acclaimed duo Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, known for their witty and engaging storytelling, promises an evening of laughter, memorable tunes, and heartwarming moments.

Set against the backdrop of the Addams family's not-so-typical household, the story unfolds as Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, grows up and falls in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family—a match her parents have never dreamed of. With Gomez and Morticia trying to come to terms with their daughter's newfound feelings, the Addams family must face the challenge of welcoming a "normal" family to their eerie mansion for dinner. Hilarity and chaos ensue as their worlds collide.


Dates  & Times:
March 28 at 7:30 p.m.
March 29 at 7:30 p.m.
March 30 at 2 p.m.
March 30 at 7:30 p.m.

Mount Si Performing Arts Center

Ticket Prices:
$15 General Admission
$10 Student Price with ASB Card

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Cast and Crew

Cast Role


Gomez Addams

Charlie Forman

Morticia Addams

Jordan Stiles

Wednesday Addams

Lodie Chong

Pugsley Addams

Levi Striefel


Devon Mitchell

Uncle Fester

Kiana Sheehan


Cameron Krall

Alice Beineke

Sidney Paulsell

Lucas Beineke

Luke Jeffries

Mal Beineke

Bruno Mendes

Conquistador Ancestor

Jacob Allan

Caveman Ancestor

Cole Olmschenk

Soldier Ancestor

Jace Hasty

Flight Attendant Ancestor

Laighton Nesland

Gambler Ancestor

Charlotte Crim

Courtesan Ancestor

Skylar Markley

Puritan Ancestor

Dana Weiss

Saloon Ancestor

Bri Nelson

Flapper Ancestor

Avril Olivas

Bride Ancestor

Eva Newton


Sidney Schoenfeld

Emma Mather

Mackenzie Boulton-Wallace

T. Jones 

Elyse Bruce

Nadia Pinsky

Siri Shetty

Marley Glazier

Caitlyn Hemphill

Joseph Wendlick 

Victoria Anderson

Donna Rose Seaman

Taryn Wilhite 

Ava Wilhite 

Eleanor Butler 

Gail Chasengnou

Vi Colio 

Jake Wotton 

Sierra Reiff

Lena Shaw

Zac Miller

Crew Position:

Team Members:

Stage Manager:

Jase Kaeberlein

Junior Director:

Finnley Laase

Production Manager:

Annabelle Alpert

Assistant Stage Managers:

Brigid Barkley

Soren Carpenter

Bianca Rosand

Set Construction:

Max Sherstobitova

Jack Bedell

Jourdynne Davison

Gracie Dunn

Tristan Toney

Ethan Cunniff

Forest Wilson

Kait Park

Alex Lokanis

Sara Lokanis


Ethan Cunniff (Backstage Lead)

Anna Conant (SR Lead)

Zack Graham (SL Lead)

Faxon Ziegler

Jacob Gallardo

Max Sherstobitova

Gwen Taylor
Sara Lokanis


Tristan Toney (Shadow Designer, Lead)

Sage Lystad

Pheonix Mclaughlin

Eli Conant

Payton Hayes


Julian Cabrera (Sound Designer, Lead)

Joseph Price

Forest Wilson

Deimos Robertson

Spencer Myers


Maddy Colvin (Lead)

Sabella Hunt

Ty Davis

Sydney Chiu

Costume, Hair, Makeup:

Alex Lokanis (Lead)

Avery Behn

Kyah Nolan

Ava Mulligan

Mica Gerth

Soleil Osorio-Sanchez

Camryn Yost

Lobby Design:

Kyah Nolan (Co-Lead)

Kait  Park (Co-Lead)

Mica Gerth


House Manager TBD

Kait Park

Jack Bedell

Camryn Yost

Gracie Dunn


Pit Instrument



Violeta Gonzalez

Elin Kim


Tova Schecter

Clarinet/Alto Sax

Lucianna Caro

Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax/Soprano Sax

Mihir Chiplonkar


Hunter Bergstrom


Austin Scheurman


Aiden Peña


Lisa Eslava


Phoebe Andersen


James Bryce


Daniel Ballesteros

Kalman DeBellis


E. J. Barasona


Alex McLean

Simon Boysen

Creative Team

Creative Team Role

Creative Team Member

Director/Music Director

Nick Brown (MSHS Theatre Teacher)


Megan Maxwell (MSHS Theatre Teacher)

Pit Orchestra Director

Emily Hurd

Set Designer

Thomas Cowdery

Lighting Designer

Tristan Bonniol

Student Lighting Design Shadow

Tristan Toney 

Student Sound Designer/Audio Engineer

Julian Cabrera

PAC Manager

Bridget McCarty