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Paraeducators are essential support staff who work alongside teachers to provide instructional support and supervision to students. Their responsibilities may include overseeing students on the playground, individual or small-group instruction, and assisting students with physical, behavioral, or medical needs.  

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a paraeducator in the District, please visit our Job Opportunities portal to view available vacancies and requirements.  

Job Opportunities

Paraeducator Pay Rates 2023/2024

  • Paraeducator I               $22.09/hr
  • Paraeducator II              $23.11/hr
  • Paraeducator III             $24.48/hr
  • Paraeducator IV            $26.04/hr

Paraeducator Certificate Program

Current paraeducators are required to complete 28 hours of training on the Fundamental Course of Study (FCS). The FCS covers the state’s paraeducator standards of practice. Training dates and classes are communicated by email to paraeducators. Some training is completed during the work day and some outside of the work day. When training is outside of the work day, the paraeducator will be paid for their time. Following completion of the Fundamental Course of Study, paraeducators will move on to the General Paraeducator Certificate (GPC). To learn more about the FCS and GPC, please visit SVSD Paraeducator Certificate Program

Paraeducator Resources