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It is the role of each member of the Maintenance and Operations Department to provide a safe and healthy environment for learning and teaching along while preserving the District’s assets.

The Maintenance and Operations department is the link that holds the day-to-day function of the school district together. It consists of Maintenance, Grounds, Custodial, Warehouse distribution, Safety, and Security throughout the district. Each one of these departments is vital to assure that the district’s facilities are a safe and healthy environment for our students, staff and community.

The Maintenance department is responsible for maintaining over 850,000 square feet of building space which includes the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), electrical, plumbing, locksmith, fire protection, facility security, roofing, facility repairs, capital projects, and the everyday demands of the district. It‘s the Maintenance department top priority to maintain our facilities at the level that meets or exceeds state regulations.

The Grounds department is responsible for maintaining over 200 acres of athletic fields and landscaping including Mount Si High School’s athletic complex. Their responsibilities also include maintaining safe playgrounds, irrigation systems, and storm water detention – retention systems. Snoqualmie Valley School District’s IPM (Integrated Pest Management plan) has been approved by the Washington Toxic Coalition and is available for review at Maintenance and Operations office along with all pest control records located at the Administration Center.

The Custodial department is responsible for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for our 6000 students and 850,000 square feet of building space. The custodians are a vital part of the everyday operation of the school; their great teamwork with the staff and students makes them one of the top classified positions in the district.

The Maintenance and Operations supports the district with a 7,000 square foot warehouse. The warehouse provides delivery service that supplies the district with office, cleaning, technology supplies on a daily basis. Weekly it supports our Food Service department by distributing commodities and frozen food from our central freezer to each of the districts kitchens. The warehouse also helps out with special deliveries for school activities by transporting chairs, risers, sound equipment, sporting equipment, and any other required supplies.

The Maintenance and Operations department is proud of its accomplishments in the past by maintaining the appearance and working condition of our facilities. For the last ten years Snoqualmie Valley School’s Maintenance and Operations department has grown to be one of the top efficient M & O departments in the state. Now entering the 21st Century, the Maintenance and Operations department is committed to continuing to provide first rate facilities for our students and staff.

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Director of Operations:
Brandon Klepper

Phone: (425) 831-8005
Fax: (425) 831-8041

Operations & Maintenance Office Manager:
Alina Gipson

Phone: (425) 831-8031
Fax: (425) 831-8041