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Tutoring List

We understand that every student's learning journey is unique. Some may need additional assistance outside of the regular school environment. To help our families in their quest for supplementary educational support, we offer a list of individuals who have indicated their willingness to tutor in various subjects.

The individuals on this list have not undergone any official screening or background check by the district. As such, the district does not endorse, recommend, or assume any responsibility or liability for the quality of service they provide or any outcomes resulting from interactions with them. Engaging a tutor from this list is solely at the discretion and responsibility of the family.

We hope this resource proves beneficial to our community. For any further questions, concerns or to be added to this list, please contact Nicole Snyder from our Student Services team. 

Tutor Grade Subject Areas Phone Email/Website
KCLS online tutoring (Free) K-12 Tutors in Spanish, test prep, intro to college courses ~ Daily 2pm to midnight 425-888-0554
KCLS Study Zone (Free) K-12 Snoq - Science, Math, Reading & Writing ~ Tue 4:30pm - 6:30pm 425-888-1223
KCLS Study Zone (Free) K-12 Snoq - Gen K-8, Ana, Ath. Med, Bio, Chem, Alg, SAT/ACT ~ Tue 4pm - 6pm 425-888-1223
KCLS Study Zone (Free) K-12 N. Bend - Gen K-8, Engineering, Physics, Calc ~ Wed 3pm - 5pm 425-888-0554
KCLS Study Zone (Free) K-12 F. City - Gen K-8, HS & College Math & Science ~ Thurs 6pm -8pm 425-888-0554
Adams, Leann 9-12 Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre Calculus & Calculus 816-695-0755
Barry, Jacque K-5 Math, Reading, Writing 425-890-8846
Betz, Gemma PK-5

Reading, Writing, Math

Gage, Kari K-2 Math, Reading & Writing 425-985-8767
Godley, Andrew 6-12 Spanish 239-776-2747
Guinn, Connie 3-6 Math, Reading, Writing 425-772-7970
Herstrom, Lori K-8 Math, Reading, Writing & Wired for Reading 425-443-7470
Higgins, Hannah K-5 Reading, Writing, Math 760-885-3654
Hudson, Cherry PK-5 SS, Math Basics, Elementary Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Biology & Begin Foreign Language (Special Ed / Autism) 206-856-6632
Huestis, Will 6-8 Science & Math 425-295-8151
Ishar, Rishabh 6-12 Math & Science, APs, PSAT/SAT/ACT 857-352-9406
Johnsoon, Cynthia 6-12 English, Social Studies, History, Language Artys, Health, Spanish 425-417-7984
Laramore, Cassidi K-8 Math, Language, Social Studies, Science, Reading 253-931-7077
Lee, Callie K-6 Math, Language, Social Studies, Science, Reading 425-442-9875
Rachel Patty K-5 Reading & Writing 206-295-2884
Petijean, Lynne 4-12 Math (All Levels except Statistics) (ONLINE ONLY) 425-333-6782; 423-215-4967
Putman, Meg 6-12 Math (inc ACT/SAT/AP Stats & AP Calc) 661-313-0284
Ross, Jay Jay K-5 Literacy, Writing, Math, ext curriculum 425-802-2980
Senyohl, Kelda K-5 All Subjects 406-549-7513;
VonCappeln, Sue K-6 Reading &Writing 206-390-1038