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Teaching and Learning

Curriculum & Instruction

The Snoqualmie Valley School District has established district-wide curriculum standards for every core subject area. These standards describe what students should know and be able to do at a given point in time for each grade level. These curriculum standards, enhanced by an effective assessment program, will provide the structure to support students' continued academic success in our district.

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Assistant Superintendent 
Teaching & Learning
Ginger Callison, Ed.D.
(425) 831-3883  

Administrative Assistant
Tanya Alter
(425) 831-8019   

Executive Director
Elementary Education

Monica Heimbigner
(425) 831-8037

Administrative Assistant
Darlene Lane
(425) 831-8018  

Data Analysts:
Thomas Eyler - Elementary
Fabiola Johnson - Secondary   

Content Specialists:
Jen Mitchell - High Capable
Kelsey Carr - Elementary Literacy Language Specialist 
Salina Fassler - Elementary Literacy Language Specialist 
Meredith MacVean - Elementary Math
Jessica Ackley - Elementary SEL
Anjuli Johnston - Elementary Technology
Melanie Hanson - Secondary ELA
Jill Dias - Secondary ELA
Julie Tzucker - Secondary Language Specialist 
Holli Dexheimer - Secondary Math
Joel Raff - Secondary Math
Jaime Evans - Secondary Technology