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Frequently Asked Questions

My student lost their stylus/charging cord. What do I do?

Please go to your school librarian for instructions on how to purchase a replacement.  Our schools have appropriate replacements available.

My student is a full-time Running Start student. Will they get a laptop?

Full-time Running Start students will be issued a laptop during the second round of deployments. This will most likely take place mid-year. More information will be made available as we get closer to that time.

How will students be able to tell their devices apart?  Can my student put stickers on their laptop?

The laptop is property of the Snoqualmie Valley School District. Defacing district-issued equipment in any way is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, marking, painting, drawing, or marring any surface of the devices, as well as using permanent stickers or additional markings on the devices, cases, batteries, power cords and chargers. If students would like to put removable stickers on their device, we recommend placing a sheet of removable contact paper or removable vinyl onto the device first.  This allows for easy removal of the entire sheet.

What if I don’t sign the agreement? I don’t want my family to have to be responsible for the laptop.

If you choose not to participate in the program, your child will need to check out a device with the school library/media center prior to the start of school every morning and check the device back in after the completion of each school day.

Why can’t my student use their own laptop in the classroom?

1. Safety: The district has installed web filters and taken other safety precautions that help prevent students from accessing inappropriate or unsafe websites while at school or home.

2. Compatibility & Instructional Impact: Several different software packages have been purchased on district laptops that will not be available on personal computers. The same software, and even the same version, will be on each district laptop, so teachers will be able to quickly and more efficiently implement technology into their curriculum. This uniformity will allow teachers to ensure they can teach entire classes easily and expedite helping individual students when needed.

3. Technical Support: Our district can provide robust technical assistance through our technical support staff to a defined inventory of computing devices. We cannot offer the same level of support to an unlimited universe of devices, which could lead to more computer downtime and lost learning opportunities.

I don’t allow my student to have a password on their home computer so I can monitor its use. How can I know what my student is doing on the school computer?

SVSD is working on monitoring options for parents in the One-to-One Device program that will be available after the devices are distributed. While we prohibit sharing passwords with unauthorized users, parents are explicitly authorized users. Please ask your child for their login information until additional monitoring options are made available.

Does the laptop have a webcam?

Yes, each student laptop is equipped with a webcam. This equipment offers students an extraordinary opportunity to use the 21st-century tool to develop useful communication skills. The camera will never be used to monitor activity or the laptop's location. Webcams are to be used for educational purposes only, under the direction of a teacher. Examples include recording videos or taking pictures to include in a project or recording a student giving a speech and then playing it back for rehearsal and improvement.

What if I don’t have Wifi at home?

Comcast has a service called Internet Essentials for families who qualify that offers affordable home internet access with Wifi. Please go to for details and eligibility.