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One-to-One Program Fines


First Two Weeks Grace Period

The first two weeks after new device deployments (not swaps) we replace all accessories and devices without charging the student. This does not include loss or damage.

Defective Accessories

If a student reports their charger or stylus suddenly stops working and we determine they do not work (after troubleshooting) we replace the charger/stylus at no charge.

Broken/Lost Accessories

If a student breaks or loses a charger or a stylus they can purchase one from the school. If the student wants to purchase a new stylus from us, we apply a fine on their account per SVSD Business department requirements. Students are also able to purchase a stylus or charging cable elsewhere. 

First Time Device Breakage

If a student has a broken device and the damage was accidental, we do not charge them the first time (we check the user account for any notes to confirm if it’s the first instance.). We update the user information to reflect the situation.

Intentional Damage

If a student breaks a device due to negligence on their part (i.e. not accidental), we apply a fine for either the cost of repair or replacement. Note: Students with IEP’s/504’s whose device is damaged resulting from behavior related to their disability will not be charged for repair or replacement.

Repeat Device Breakage

If a student comes with a broken device a second/third/etc. time, we can charge the student for the repair - the repair cost is determined by the price we will pay our service provider for fixing the device.


Lost/Stolen Device


If a student reports a missing device and we cannot find the device, we assign a fine to the user for the full replacement cost adjusted for devaluation. If the device is found the fine will be removed. 


If a student reports a stolen device, they should report it to the police and bring a copy of the police report. 


If no police report is presented we assign a fine on the student account for a missing device.

Current Fine Amounts

  • Laptop Power Adapter - $17.40

  • Laptop Stylus

    • Fortis device - $61.00

    • Other laptops - $42.40

  • Fortis replacement price - $780.00

  • HP G7 replacement price - $395.40

    *Note: These prices are current for the 2023-2024 school year.