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Student Data Privacy

Why Student Data Privacy Matters

In today’s world of advancing online resources, teachers, students, and parents are benefiting from an ever-increasing wealth of tools to support teaching and learning. The growth in these tools is extraordinary with great potential to improve student outcomes. Along with this explosion in the growth of online learning tools, comes the inherent risks of leakage of student data and understandable concerns over student privacy.

Snoqualmie Valley School District reviews the Terms of Service for electronic resources, which rely on the use of the students' directory information according to the district's security and privacy standards. Results of these evaluations are provided to guide instructional staff. Information is public for parents and families, too. These resources are on the following web pages:

SVSD Digital Resource List
Request a Digital Resource (Staff only)


A written Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) is required of any organization contracting with Snoqualmie SD to provide a service which will require the exchange of student data or an organization conducting studies, audit or evaluations under the FERPA exception.