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SVSD Digital Request Form

Digital Resource Request Process

Let's get started.  Follow these steps:


See if the resource is already approved or declined. Check the list.


Not on the list? Seek approval from your building or department administrator. 
Resource already approved? Open a support ticket with IT to request access. 


If approved by your administrator, submit a Digital Resource Request Form.


Check your inbox.  You will receive an email if more information is needed and when a decision has been reached.

What needs to be reviewed and approved?
Any online resource that students are interacting with and/or producing content on, including but not limited to any site requiring a student account/login.

What constitutes student data?
Confidential student records and/or confidential student record information that contains personally identifiable student records, data, and/or personally identifiable information and other non-public information, including but not limited to student data, meta data, and user content.

Have questions or need assistance? Contact Justin Talmadge, Director of Technology Services.