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Snow Routes

Emergencies such as snow, ice, power outages and floods can alter school schedules and affect bus transportation for students. Please refer to this information if you are in doubt about conditions impacting the status of school. 


Since our school district spans over 400 square miles and 1,000+ feet of elevation, adverse weather conditions may affect neighborhoods differently. Therefore, the District is divided into three geographic areas for limited transportation services: Areas A, B, and C. Occasionally, when only high elevation locations are affected (by snow or ice) or only lower elevations are impacted (by flooding), bus route adjustments may be identified by these areas. For example, you may see “Limited Transportation in Area A: River Bend, Wilderness Rim, the Uplands only” included in the district's weather notification. 

Be sure to verify which AREA you live in (below) and learn where your student's "snow route" bus stop is located.  

If you do not see your neighborhood listed, go to your student's regular bus stop location.