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Looking to get started with SMART Tag Parent Portal? Just log into the portal using  your student's ID number as a seven digit number (you may have to add a zero in front of it).

SMART Tag Parent Portal 

How It Works

Students will be issued a Smart Tag Bus Badge with an unique 14 digit number on the imbedded RFID chip. As they load or disembark the school bus, they wave the card past the Smart Tag card reader to log on and off the bus.

Transportation can keep track of all of students loading/unloading and bus locations. This is an excellent tool for keeping track of our younger students and making sure everyone is on the right bus and using the correct stop.

We take the safe Transportation of your student seriously and believe the safety features of this product greatly enhance the safety and security of our student body.

Have more questions? Check out the helpful videos or the FAQ. 


Watch this video to understand how SMART Tag works: 

Watch this video to create a second Parent Portal Account:

Watch this video on How to Setup Your Cell Phone for Notifications

This is the link to SMART Tag support page: SMART Tag support page