• District Strategic Plan
    In 2013, the Board of Directors and District began work to develop a new five-year strategic plan for our school district. The plan is intended to be a working document that is monitored on a regular basis and updated annually.  The current plan, approved by the School Board June 2, 2018, focuses on priorities for the 2018-19 school year: District Strategic Plan.
     2017-18 Strategic Plan brochure cover
    For a summary of the plan,
    As part of our commitment to the notion of continuous improvement, the Strategic Plan serves as a guide to assist us in prioritizing and aligning our efforts and resources to fulfill the District’s mission — which is to prepare all Snoqualmie Valley students for college, career and citizenship. 
    Developing and Implementing the Strategic Plan:
    • In the first phase of the plan development process in 2013, the School Board and Superintendent developed the underpinnings of the strategic plan to identify overall direction and establish goals to move toward accomplishment of the vision and mission.
    • The second step in the process involved the development of an action plan — with an initial focus on activities to be accomplished during the current school year. 
    • In the third phase of the initial development process, a “Draft Plan” was presented to staff and community for input. Several opportunities were offered for parents, staff, and community patrons to receive an overview of the plan, ask questions and provide feedback. In addition to public meetings, staff meetings, and a video of the presentation offered to all staff, the draft plan was posted online with a feedback link for additional comment. After considering feedback from these sources, the School Board took action to approve the final plan.
    • At the end of each school year, the plan is re-evaluated and updated to reflect the highest priorities of the next school year. 
    • Implementation of the District’s Strategic Plan is monitored throughout the school year with regular updates to the Board of Directors that articulate progress toward the goals outlined in the plan. 
    • A District Scorecard on the district website also reflects improvement targets and helps measure progress toward strategic goals.