• The Emergency Preparedness and Response team at Mount Si has taken steps to increase our preparedness for any type of hazard. Your student's safety is our utmost priority. The staff and students practice safety drills (fire, earthquake, lockdown, and evacuations) on a monthly basis.

    It is imperative that we have updated emergency contact information on your student. Please update your information in Family Access under the Student Information tab. Or, you may print a STUDENT INFO UPDATE and drop off this form off at either campus.

    Student/Parent Reunification

    In the event of a disaster that requires us to transport students home we have specific safety procedures for reuniting parents and students. In the majority of emergency situations, it is far easier to manage the process safely if we do not have large numbers of families coming to Mount Si HS to find their student.
    We cannot release students until all students have been accounted for and only after local emergency personnel have given the all-clear. We will make every effort to communicate to parents/guardians utilizing all tools available at the time of emergency (Facebook, Twitter, website, email) pending the type of disaster andpower availability. Keep in mind that if we can't find your student, we are risking lives sending staff and crews back into the building to search for them.

    Buses will be given top priority for transporting student's home. All bus lanes need to remain clear.

    When we give the all-clear signal to pick up students, please park in the back of the building or on the street. No front parking will be allowed to permit emergency personnel full access to our building.

    To pick up your student please complete this form in advance and keep it with you. Expect long lines as we match students with their parents. Pick up locations are as follows:

       -Main Campus: Stadium Ticket Booth
       -Freshman Campus: (to come)

    We can only release students to parents/guardians, and those listed as an emergency contact. We will not release to neighbors, friends.

    Student drivers with cars on campus will not be allowed to leave until emergency personnel have given the all-clear.

    No ED's (early dismissal) until emergency personnel have given the all-clear.