• Mr. O'Brien ~ Technology Class
    Welcome to Digital Media 6th & 7th Grade
     Video Production 8th Grade
     Email obrient@svsd410.org    Telephone  425.831.8244    
     A little about me.  I LOVE technology, gadgets and helping youth unleash their creativity and ideas with powerful tools. I love being in water whether it's frozen or liquid.  Music and outdoor recreation are my passion.  I look forward working with you this year and helping you discover what you can do with technology as a tool for school, personal, community and fun.
     To be successful in class, here are some important tips to follow:

    Keep on top of due dates - follow calendars online and in the classroom.
    Keep digital files organized in folders (know where your files are).
    Keep files on proper Drives/Servers. 
    Learn the network.
    Name files properly.
    Learn and use particular workflows to ensure success.
    Save first and save often!
    Have an open mind to ideas.
    Practice good listening skills.
    Practice strong teamwork skills.
    Be ready to engineer solutions to challenges... remember this is technology! 
    A USB Flash drive is handy to have.
    Personal headphones or ear buds are good to have for projects.