• Welcome to the Parent Partnership Program!




    Welcome to the Parent Partnership Program!

        We have the greatest kids and the most amazing parents here.  This is a wonderful place to bring together the best of home-school with the resources  and support of the school district.  It is a fabulous option that meets the needs of many students and families.

       I started with the Parent Partnership Program in 2013 as the first full time teacher.  We have grown since then and now have classes for students in grades K-10!  I am certified to teach in grades K-12 and have taught classes at each of these grade levels. I am highly qualified to teach the humanities, reading, math and science.  I have a teaching degree from Pacific Lutheran University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

       We home-schooled our own four children, and were involved in several local home-school co-ops.  I do understand firsthand, the unique challenges, opportunities and joys of home directed education.