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  • Counseling Office

    Administrative Assistant :

    Amy Bush

    Phone: 425.831.8150

    Fax: 425.831.8223

    School Counselors

    *Students are assigned by last name with the exception of full-time Running Start Students who are assigned to Stacey Zachau, Career Center Counselor.

    **Appointments are available to students who are currently in 9th-12th grade, ONLY.  Students who are currently in 8th grade or students who are not enrolled in the district should submit questions here or call 425-831-8150 for information.


    Rick Dempsey

    A - Cl & Pyn - Rig

    Email | Book an Appointment


    Christian McKone

    Co - G & Ril - Sal

    Email | Book an Appointment


    Steve Crane

    H - La & San - Sey

    Email | Book an Appointment 

    Carissa Thomas

    Le - Puk

    Email | Book an Appointment 


    Elaine Maimon

    On Leave returning 08/2023  


    Sloan Westerman

    Sh  -  Z

    Email | Book an Appointment


    Career Center

    Administrative Assistant: 

    Melanie Castagno

    Phone: 425-831-0232


    Stacey Zachau

    Career Center /

    Full Time Running Start Counselor

    Email | Book an Appointment   



    Amy Pangborn

    Michelle Larson