Collective Bargaining

  • The District has established this website to keep the community informed on collective bargaining with the Snoqualmie Valley School District employees who are represented by labor unions. The Snoqualmie Valley Education Association (SVEA) represents teachers and other certificated positions; the Snoqualmie Valley Administrative Secretaries Association (SVASA) represents secretaries; the Public School Employees of Snoqualmie Valley (PSE) represents other classified positions including bus drivers, cooks, custodians, paraeducators, and technology support staff; and, the Snoqualmie Coaches and Activities Association (SCAA) represents employees in extra-curricular positions.

    Information on these webpages provide an archive on the bargaining teams’ efforts to date to reach agreement on the renewal of union contracts:
    • The current SVASA bargaining agreement runs through August 31, 2018.
    • The current SVEA bargaining agreement runs through August 31, 2019.
    • The current SCAA bargaining agreement runs through August 31, 2019.
    • The current PSE bargaining agreement runs through August 31, 2020.


  • Updates and related news will be posted below during collective bargaining.
    • Update on Bargaining Between the District and Secretaries Union (posted 10-24-18):

      The Snoqualmie Valley School District (SVSD) and Snoqualmie Valley Administrative Secretaries Association (SVASA) have been negotiating since March on a successor agreement.  With over 20 tentative agreements, the teams have made significant progress, and both sides continue to work on wages and other compensation.

      The bargaining process was partially delayed by the availability of the District team in August and the SVASA team in September and October.  The District remains optimistic that a fair solution can be reached soon, and hopes for a productive discussion at the next session, scheduled for November 7.

      While the current SVASA contract bears an expiration date of August 31, 2018, by Washington State Law it is automatically extended through August 31, 2019 in the absence of a successor agreement.

      The District’s most recent proposal stands at a 14% increase in hourly wages over a three-year contract, with additional enhancements to vacation and health care benefits.  The District’s compensation proposal is based on a comparative methodology that has been used successfully with all other employee groups that have settled contracts in recent years.  The District uses the compensation of similar positions within neighboring school districts to help quantify competitive wages.  Those neighboring districts are:  Lake Washington, Issaquah, Riverview and Tahoma.  

      The Snoqualmie Valley School District remains committed to employment agreements that are competitive with other school districts in our area, while being fiscally responsible to our community.
    • SVASA Update:  The SVASA/SVSD Bargaining Team met on September 18 and September 19 to continue working on a successor agreement. Recent discussions have been primarily focused around compensation items and contract duration. Significant progress has been made and the work continues to be productive. At the request of SVASA, the next bargaining session scheduled for October 2 has been cancelled. The week of October 15, two sessions are scheduled, October 15 and October 18, to resume this important work. The Snoqualmie Valley School District strives to compensate all staff fairly and competitively, without reducing services to students. The district remains committed to paying our employees’ wages that make Snoqualmie Valley School District employment, competitive with other school districts in our area, while being fiscally responsible to our community.
    • SVEA Update:  School Board Approves SVEA Contract – At the September 13 regular School Board meeting, the Snoqualmie Valley Board of Directors voted to approve the new two-year contract with the Snoqualmie Valley Education Association. The updated salary schedule for 2018-19 and Memorandum of Agreement to extend the contract through August 2020 are available on the Current Union Contracts webpage.
    • SVASA Update:
      • SVSD values and respects all of our employees and the contributions they make to supporting our students and the entire learning community.
      • SVSD remains committed to providing fair and competitive wages and benefits to all our employee groups, based on comparisons with our neighboring school districts.
      • Throughout the bargaining process, the SVASA and SVSD bargaining teams have reached tentative agreements on approximately 22 different areas of the contract.
      • SVSD has put forth multi-year proposals that include increases in both wages and benefits.
      • While SVSD regrets that a new successor agreement was not reached prior to the start of the 2018-19 school year, SVASA members are being compensated under the terms of the 2013-2018 agreement, and all wage and benefit components included in any new successor agreement, will be retroactively implemented to September 1, 2018.

    The SVSD bargaining team wants to re-iterate our appreciation and respect for our secretaries and all staff within SVSD. Our goal for fair and competitive wages for our employees is to ensure we are able to continue to retain and recruit high quality staff like those currently employed. At the conclusion of the August 30 session, the bargaining teams agreed on three more dates to meet, if needed. The dates include September 18, September 19 and October 2.

    • SVEA Update: Teachers Vote to Ratify New Contract -- We are pleased to announce that teachers voted on August 28 to ratify a new two-year contract with the Snoqualmie Valley School District, in a 97.76% vote of approval. The Board will take action to approve the contract at their next meeting.
    • SVEA Update: (August 27 update) Tentative Agreement Reached in SVEA/ SVSD Negotiations -- The Snoqualmie Valley Education Association (SVEA) and the Snoqualmie Valley School District have been working diligently to reach agreement, prior to the start of the school year, on a compensation re-opener in the SVEA contract.  The Bargaining Team is pleased to have reached a tentative agreement today, August 27.  SVEA plans to present details of tentative agreement to its members for a vote at their general membership meeting, scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, August 28, at 4:30 p.m. 
    • SVASA Update: The SVASA/SVSD Bargaining Team met on August 24, and are scheduled to resume discussions on Thursday, August 30.
    • SVEA Update:  There is good news to report. As of Wednesday evening, August 22, a conceptual agreement between the Snoqualmie Valley Education Association (SVEA) and the Snoqualmie Valley School District has been reached around new compensation parameters. From the start, the District, School Board and SVEA Bargaining teams have been working towards a fair and competitive compensation package for all SVEA members. “We are delighted that an agreement is in the works,” Superintendent Dr. Rob Manahan stated. “We want to thank the teams for their time and dedication to the process. I have appreciated the collaborative effort on all sides to reach an outcome that is mutually agreeable.” The Bargaining Teams are working diligently to try and wrap up a few final details prior to the start of the school year. SVEA President Nate Ziemkowski stated, “It is important that we have additional time to finalize the salary schedule and contract language before bringing forward a Tentative Agreement. We thank all stakeholders for their patience and support during this process.” SVEA has a general membership meeting scheduled for August 23, and additional updates will be provided to SVEA members at that time.
    • SVEA update: The SVEA/SVSD Bargaining Team met for 2.5 hours on Friday, August 17 in which the district presented a new proposal. And the Bargaining Team continued to make progress when discussions continued on Monday, August 20. 
    • SVEA Update:  The SVEA/SVSD Bargaining Team met for eight hours on August 14 and for over five hours on August 15 to continue discussions on a new salary schedule. Significant progress has been made and the work continues to be productive. The team has scheduled bargaining sessions on August 17 and August 20 (if needed), in an effort to wrap up the new salary schedule prior to teachers returning to work later the week of August 20.
    • SVASA Update:  The SVASA/SVSD Bargaining Team met on July 26 and have additional meetings scheduled for August 24, August 30, and September 19 (if needed). To date, bargaining has resulted in 21 tentative agreements. The primary focus of future meetings will be on compensation.
    • SVEA Update: The SVEA/SVSD Bargaining Team met on June 29 to continue the discussion around competitive compensation. Conversations continued to be positive and productive. The work is complex as the team is tasked with creating a completely new salary schedule in light of the McCleary Decision. Through the Interest Based Bargaining Process this spring, team members agreed to the following issue statement: "How do we build the components of a new salary schedule that attracts and retains great teachers, and complies with state laws, while acknowledging the district's ability to pay." The next bargaining session is set for August 14.
    • SVASA Update (updated 6/25/18): Five meetings are scheduled to continue SVASA collective bargaining this summer.  In addition to June 28 and July 26 mentioned previously, the Bargaining Team is planning to meet August 24 and 30, and September 19 (if needed).
    • SVEA Update (updated 6/25/18): The Bargaining Team has scheduled two additional meetings during the summer -- June 29 and August 14.
    • SVEA Update:  This is the second year of the three-year SVEA contract that is effective through August 31, 2019.  SVEA bargaining discussions this spring (2018) are focused on a single re-opener in the contract that focuses on a review of compensation in comparison to neighboring districts in an effort to remain competitive. Team members include (alphabetically): Lynn Bradwell, Jeff Hogan, Chris Jackson, Amy Jones, Tony Manjarrez, Lisa Radmer, Dan Schlotfeldt, Rhonda Schmidt, Ryan Stokes, Amy Wright, Nate Ziemkowski, and Micheal Ruiz. There are currently three meetings scheduled in the month of June(June 1, 5 and 8). 
    • SVASA Update: In March of 2018, discussions began regarding the full SVASA contract, which will expire August 31, 2018.  Team members include (alphabetically):  Lori Eubank, Jeff Hogan, Kaaren Kim, Amy Moszeter, Karen Seiser, Ryan Stokes, Michelle Trifunovic and Christi Wright. A number of bargaining sessions have been planned for May-July (May 8 and 31, June 6,19 and 28, and July 26).
    • PSE Update: The latest contact was approved in December of 2017, and will be in effect through August 31, 2020.  Read the headline: 3-Year Contract Approved for the District's Classified Staff. 
    • SVEA Update:  SVEA members voted to ratify a three-year contract on August 23, and the School Board approved the agreement on September 15, 2016. The contract will be in effect through August 31, 2019.
    • SVEA Update:  The District and SVEA Bargaining Team reached agreement. Since February, the District and Snoqualmie Valley Education Association (SVEA) have devoted over 85 hours on negotiating a new teacher’s contract. On August 8, the Bargaining Team finalized details and celebrated reaching a tentative agreement on a three-year contract.  SVEA membership will meet on August 23 to vote on the contract being recommended by the Bargaining Team.  After ratification, the 2016-2019 collective bargaining agreement will be presented to the School Board for approval at their next regular meeting September 15. 
    • SVEA Update:  At the conclusion of five sessions in June, on June 24, the Bargaining Team reported they had reached agreement on a financial compensation package for the next three years, and approved 19 contract changes and additions. The Bargaining Team will meet again August 8 to finalize some details of the contract language.
    • SCAA Update:  The coaches' union and SVSD agreed on a contract extension through August 31, 2019. The contract was ratified by the SCAA members and approved by the School Board in April.
    • SVASA Update: The secretaries’ union accepted a proposal from the District to extend their three-year contract by one year (through August 31, 2018), adding a 2% salary increase for 2017-18 to be paid starting in 2016-17. This agreement was ratified by SVASA members and approved by the School Board in February of 2016.
    • PSE Update: Negotiations with PSE are set to begin during the 2016-17 school year.
    • SVEA Pre-Bargaining work started in May of 2015, with the Bargaining Team comprised of District and SVEA representatives, learning a new approach to labor negotiations called Interest Based Bargaining. Prior to the official start of bargaining in February, the team established group norms, topics of interest and meeting dates.

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