Welcome to Music at Timber Ridge!
    Timber Ridge Elementary is passionate about music and the powerful impact that music education has on students' lives. Music education promotes vital problem-solving skills, creativity, strong work ethic, team-building, memory skills, coordination, multiculturalism, and innumerable other qualities that are essential to building one's character, preparing one for the future, and encouraging one to make a difference in the world.
    In the Music Department at Timber Ridge, from kindergarten through fifth grade, we actively engage in the following pillars as the foundation of our music-learning:
    1) Singing
    2) Playing (instruments)
    3) Moving
    4) Listening
    5) Creating 
    Aligning our curriculum with the National Standards for Music Education (established by the National Association for Music Education – NAfME), as well as the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) for the Arts, we learn the basics of music-reading, music notation, and music vocabulary; we grow an understanding and appreciation of musical genres and styles from around the world; and we develop musical performance skills as we get in touch with our “inner musician!” Learning is done through song, movement, aural exercises, rhythm-reading and -building, barred instruments, auxiliary percussion, world drumming, recorders, ukuleles, and so much more!
    “For through this gift to humankind,
    We each to all belong;
    It’s music that has joined us
    In life’s sweet master song.
    From the valleys and from hilltops,
    From sea to shining sea,
    Let earth resound with music,
    And life the richer be."
    – Betty Bertaux