• Wednesday, October 25th our counselors and wonderful ASB have arranged for CKMS students to participate in activities to unify against cyber bullying. Students are all asked to wear blue, the anti-bullying color, to show that at CKMS we stand together against all kinds of bullying. Students will be asked to sign a pledge against cyber bullying and will be taught a lesson about cyber safety and cyber bullying. 

    Below are some ways you can support at home.

     Use these discussion starters to get an Internet safety conversation going with your children.

    Ask children:

    Have you ever been upset with someone online? How did you deal with it?

    Has someone ever sent you a mean message online? How did it make you feel?

    If you knew someone was being cyberbullied, what would you do?

    Do you know where to report cyberbullying on the websites and apps you use? Who would you talk to at school?

    Please visit this link for more information about how parents can talk to their children about cyber safety and cyber bullying.