• Snoqualmie Valley School District High School and Beyond Planning

     Mount Si Graduation photo

    To graduate from high school, all students in Washington State must develop a High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) to demonstrate how they will meet high school graduation requirements and what they will do following high school. This plan is used to guide the high school experience and prepare students for a postsecondary pathway, such as a two-year or four-year college, technical college, apprenticeship program, certificate program, the workforce, or military training. The HSBP is designed to get students thinking about their future and how to get the most out of high school. Snoqualmie Valley School District students begin working on their High School and Beyond Plan in middle school with the help of school counselors. At Mount Si High School and Two Rivers High School students will be working toward completing the required elements of their HSBP in advisory classes. Students continue to revise their plan throughout high school to accommodate changing interests and goals.To get an overview of the High School and Beyond Plan, check out the Issaquah School District video.
    The High School and Beyond Plan itself, will represent the culmination of what students learn in their advisory lessons, and will be reviewed annually during advisory classes.  In the senior year, the students' HSBP will be presented as part of the Senior Culminating Project.
    As students go through the High School and Beyond Plan they will answer these three essential questions: 
    • Who am I?
    • What can I become?
    • How do I become that?

    The Snoqualmie Valley School District utilizes a number of different resources in the HSBP Process, including:

    • My School Data (MSD) - High School and Beyond Planning Tool. This online program is linked with Skyward Family Access, allowing parents and students to use their current login credentials to view assessment information, plan coursework and track progress.  High school students will see prior coursework and data preloaded so they can start building from where they are now, while middle school students will start their plan from the beginning and revise it throughout high school.  The MSD tool meets Washington State requirements for documentation when students update their HSBP yearly.

    • The High School and Beyond Plan Reference Guide provides additional information for each section of the High School and Beyond Plan

    Click on the video below for instructions on how to fill out the High School and beyond Plan.

    • Naviance Student - a web-based, college and career planning tool that is designed to assess students' personalities, learning styles, interests, strengths and explore careers and post-secondary opportunities. Students may access their individual accounts through the "Quicklinks" menu on each school's website. Each student's sign in is the same as his/her school computer account login.

    High School and Beyond Plan Task Breakdown by grade:

    8th grade (Incoming 9th grade)

    • View video on My School Data (HSBP Tool), Login and become familiar with interface
    • Interact with the MSD- High School and Beyond Planning Tool and begin building plan
    • View Presentation from counselors on graduation requirements
    • Scavenger Hunt Activity - "How to Access Resources"
    • "Jeopardy Game" on graduation requirements
    • Naviance/Family Connection activity - "Strengths Explorer"
    • Naviance/Family Connection extension activity - Begin Road Trip Nation ‘What’s Your Road’
    • Register for classes!
    • Parents review information in My School Data (HSBP) and check the box indicating review complete
    More detailed information about the Mount Si High School PrideTime and weekly advisory lessons.