Emergency Information

  • Emergency Information:

     On mornings of questionable weather, schedule change decisions are typically posted between 5:00-8:30 a.m.  


    1-Hour Late Start Times

    Two Rivers' High School........ 9:00


    2-Hour Late Start Times
    Two Rivers' High School........10:00
    Please refer to the following resources to confirm the status of Snoqualmie Valley schools:

    If there is no message from our District, assume that school is running on schedule. We do not post a “running on time” message.  Be sure to check the sources above right before kids leave for school too, since weather conditions can change quickly in our climate. To learn how decisions are made in our district around schedule changes, read Be Prepared for School Schedule Changes.

    To prepare now… please print out the district’s Emergency Transportation Information.  Keep this information with alternative bus “snow routes” in a handy location, in the event that your home loses power some morning and you cannot access information online.

    Severe weather conditions(such excessive snow, flooding, ice, wind storms or power outages) may impact bus transportation and necessitate a change in our school schedule.

    Emergency Call-Out System & Upcoming Test  
    If an emergency occurs during the school day, our district has the ability to send out a recorded phone message to parents/guardians who have provided their schools with current cell and home phone numbers—through a service called SchoolMessenger.  This call-out capability will only be used in the case of an emergency, assuming phone service is not impacted, and it will supplement updates posted on the district website.  We do not use this call-out system for winter morning schedule changes --instead please continue to refer to the four resources bulleted above.

    A Parent Call-Out “Test” will be conducted periodically.  The district testes  its "emergency call-out system" by sending a recorded message to cell and home phone numbers that Snoqualmie Valley parents have supplied their school offices.  Parents/guardians, if you discover a correction is needed as a result of that test, please contact your school’s office staff directly to update your information in the student database.  

    Thanks for your cooperation to help ensure that our school emergency systems are effective and updated, before they may be needed.