Snoqualmie Middle School Clubs

  • Clubs meet after school on a weekly basis from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.  Some clubs meet all year and some meet for a quarter or semester.  Links to sign-up will be posted here and announced in school, online and via email when available. 

    Please contact the club advisor if you have any questions.

    A $35 club fee plus $20 ASB membership fee is required to join most clubs.  A few clubs like Art, Science, and Cooking will have additional $15 material fees.

    An activity bus leaves SMS at 4:35 p.m. Monday through Thursday and arrives at Cascade View Elementary School around 4:55 p.m.



SMS Club List

  • Art Club - Full
    Advisor: Ms. Huschle
    Meets Wednesdays starting November 2, 2022


    Board Game Club - (no registration required)  
    Advisor: Mr. Gegwich
    Meets Mondays starting Jan. 30, 2023  


    Cooking Crew 
    Advisors: Ms. Ramsey and Ms. Travis
    Start date: TBD


    Digital Media Club
    Advisor: Ms. Ortuno
    Meets Mondays starting Jan. 30, 2023


    Drama Club 
    Advisors: Ms. McCarty and Ms. Usselman 
    Meets Wednesdays starting Nov. 1


    Advisor: Ms. Huschle
    Meets every other Thursday  


    Homework Club - (no registration required)
    Ms. Mohney and Ms. Foster
    Drop-in homework help two days a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Key Club - Full
    Advisor: Ms. Mohney
    Meets Wednesdays starting November 2, 2022

    Science Club
    Advisor: Ms. Espeland
    Meets Wednesdays starting December 6, 2022

    W.E.B. Club
    Advisors: Ms. Varick and Ms. Espeland  
    8th grade leadership club
    7th graders apply each spring