• Clubs at Snoqualmie Middle School - Current Status


    Sign-up:  Links to sign-up will be posted here as clubs open


    Payment:  $35 Club fee plus $20 ASB Card membership required.  


    Activity Bus:  Leaves SMS at 4:38pm M - Th.  Picks up at MSHS and arrives at CVES around 4:55 p.m.


    Active Clubs

    Art Club: Registration opens Wednesday, October 27th at 7pm. Only 30 spots available.

    GSA:  Starts Wednesday, October 6th and will continue to meet every other week in the Art room. Interested students should talk to the Advisor, Ms. Huschle, Art teacher

    Homework Club: Meets 2:30-4:15pm every Tuesday in room 603 (Mr. Depaola) and Thursday in room 803 (Ms. Foster). A quiet place to do homework, assignments, and get individual help. 

    Newspaper Club:  FULL, Advisor Ms. Logan

    W.E.B Club:  Where Everyone Belongs - 8th grade leadership club, Advisors Ms. Varick, Ms. Espeland

    Yearbook Club:  FULL, Advisor Fran Ellul



    Clubs Coming Soon

    Art Club

    Drama Club

    Gaming Club

    Golf Club

    Key Club


    Note:  Ski Club will no longer be offered by SVSD schools due to driver shortages and increased liability costs


    Updated September 30, 2021