• Our Mission:

    The purpose of the Associated Student Body (ASB) is to involve all students in becoming active members of the Snoqualmie Middle School community.  A wide variety of clubs, activities and events play an integral role in increasing participation and encouraging student growth in the areas of belonging, self-actualization, community service and school pride.  The ASB is the governing organization regarding all school extra curricular activities and all action directly regarding student rights.  

    2020/21 ASB Officers:


    President: Aleeya Cossey

    Vice President: Alex Kremer

    Treasurer: Alexa Coughran

    Secretary: Emma Feng


    6th grade class reps: Cameron Pond & Kylie Kraetsch

    7th grade class reps: Claira Hull & Henry Espeland 

    8th grade class reps: Hailey Cossey & Hewitt Durand


    ASB Advisors: Andrea Antone & John Coulon