• For the 22-23 school year, every student should come each day prepared with the following items:



    -SVSD laptop/charger/stylus (note: 6th graders and new students will receive their laptop on August 31st)


    -water bottle

    -Yellow Bus Tag (if you had one last year, bring it on the first day)

    -Math CC6: basic calculator or scientific calculator TI-30xIIs (recommended)

    -All other math courses: scientific calculator TI-30xIIs

    -2 3/4" 3-ring binder D-ring (no zipper, no accordion) 

    -1 set 8-subject tab dividers 

    -3-hole notebook paper (either wide or college rule is okay)

    -Graph paper

    -2 composition books

    -3 spiral notebooks (single subject)

    -pens: black, blue, and red ink

    -sharpened pencils


    Additional supplies may be required for specific classes and your child's teacher will let you know at the beginning of the school year.


    Updated August 17, 2022