• Schoology.  Schoology login information:


    Students will log in from the student page using the Schoology icon or with our specific URL - lms.svsd410.org - and use your Google Drive login information.

    • If you forgot your Google Drive password, any of your teachers can reset it for you.
    • New students – you can get your login/email address from any of your teachers (or the main office) and your password is your 6 digit ID number (you will be forced to change it when you first login). 


    Parents sign-up for an account with your student's access code.  Ask a teacher or one of the secretaries Joyce Showalter of Katy Wada for your access code and then, click here to login.  

    • Any of your student’s teachers (or the main office) can provide you with the parent access code
    • You can have multiple students under your account, but each student has a unique code you will need to add to the account.


    For Schoology technical questions, lease contact Janice Wintermyer (wintermyerj@svsd410.org) for assistance.