• Attendance Matters


    If your student is absent, parents/guardians have 48 hours to excuse the absence.  If no excused absence is received the absence is recorded as unexcused and could lead to the filing of a BECA petition with King County.

    Parents may be notified of student absences by adding attendance email notifications to their Family Access accounts.  Please click here for instructions. 
    As stated in our Student Handbook, students with 12 or more excused and/or unexcused absences in a semester will not receive credit for a class unless they have a successful attendance appeal.  They receive an "N" on their report card.

    All students who wish to appeal loss of credit must petition the Attendance Appeals Committee and participate in an Appeal Hearing. Appeal applications are available from the Attendance office and must be submitted by the specified deadline, see below. Teacher signatures and recommendations are required before the appeal hearing will be scheduled. Only excused absences in classes with passing grades can be appealed. 

    Incomplete grades from last semester? The schedule for appeals is as follows:
    September 2 - Appeal forms available in Attendance Office.  They are due September 18th.


    Late September - Appeals to be reviewed


    Attendance Office: 425-831-8200

    Attendance Secretary:  Bronwyn McDaniels