• SVSD Full-time Remote Learning Option


    Our school district is offering a fully remote learning model for any Snoqualmie Valley K-12 students wishing to learn from home during the 2021-22 school year. 


    The online program, provided by STRIDE learning, is full-time and has courses which match up fairly closely to SVSD courses. Washington State considers online learning to be an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE). All students in ALE are required to have weekly two-way contact with their teacher and monthly progress checks that are communicated both to the student and parent. 


    STRIDE classes are primarily asynchronous, with independent viewing of recorded classes. However, students also have the following options for instructional support: attending weekly, scheduled live courses with teachers (not required), scheduling 1:1 help with their STRIDE teachers, accessing regularly scheduled STRIDE teacher office hours, and access to a 24/7 Academic Support chat. These support options are available for all courses.


    Key Considerations:

    • This option is offered full-time only for grades K-12. 
    • We are accepting all requests for 100% remote learning. There are no caps on enrollment.  
    • Classes for remote learning students will be taught by STRIDE Learning teachers, not SVSD teachers. However, SVSD staff will monitor progress.
    • Students requesting 100% remote learning will be transferred from their home school to the SVSD Parent Partnership Program (PPP). They will no longer be enrolled in their home/neighborhood schools, and will not be accessing supports or services through the home school. However, this option will keep them in the Snoqualmie Valley School District.
    • Should a 100% remote learning student wish to move back to in-person learning at their home school at some point, we ask that families work with us to transition back at logical break points (i.e. grading periods). This will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, pending space available.
    • Clarification for high school students: 
      • This is a different option from the existing Mount Si High School Online Program, which allows students in grades 9-12 to access online courses that may not be available at the school, and includes staffed assistance from the MSHS online program coordinator.
      • STRIDE offers 6 classes, instead of the 7 offered at MSHS.
      • Full-time Running Start students who do not wish to attend any courses on the Mount Si campus are not considered 100% remote. Running Start students will still be enrolled at MSHS. 


    For additional Program Details and How to Register, click on the links (on the left).