Cleaning & Ventilation

  • Are the schools still promoting regular handwashing and/or sanitizing?

  • How often will classrooms be sanitized? Do staff need to clean them between classrooms or during the day?

  • Can students share school supplies and equipment even if they are not sanitized between use?

  • Will drinking fountains be turned back on? Or will schools continue to supply plastic cups in the classrooms for students to use?

  • How is the district addressing the recommendations for air circulation?

  • Are students, staff and visitor still required to complete a daily attestation (QR code) before coming to school?

  • What are the differences between the definition of "close contact" for adults and students?

  • In the event of a potential exposure to a positive COVID case, will school nurses be doing contact tracing?

  • What are the expectations for keeping track of students for contact tracing (i.e., logs for which students go into which rooms for small groups, seating charts for specialists, lunch, etc.)?

  • Will anyone who is a close contact be notified or just the unvaccinated?

  • Will we still be reporting positive cases on the COVID District Dashboard?


  • Can elementary students travel to specialists, special education and remedial classes as normal?

  • Can families still choose to move to full-time remote learning? If so, how?

  • Are our virtual-only students (using STRIDE curriculum) still enrolled in the district?

  • Did our Parent Partnership Program expand to include high school students?

  • Will students be allowed to leave the distance learning option (STRIDE) and return to the regular program?


  • Are masks required at school?

  • Are masks required for students or staff when they are outside?

  • Are PE teachers and students required to wear masks inside?

  • Can I get a religious or philosophical exemption to the masking requirement?

  • Does science really support wearing masks?

  • Do vaccinated staff need to wear a mask during professional development indoors prior to the start of the school year?

  • Will the district provide all students with a mask lanyard (especially elementary) to use at lunch and recess times when they can unmask?

  • Are there any times that masks should be worn outside?


  • How will meals be served this year? What about lunch lines and condiments?

  • How will schools "maximize opportunities to increase physical space" for social distancing during lunch?

  • Since lunches are free for all students this year, how will schools be tracking this?

  • Are snacks allowed in the classroom?

  • Will free meals be available for full-time remote learning students?

Social Distancing

  • Are students allowed to congregate in common areas prior to school?

  • What does "to the degree possible and reasonable" mean in terms of social distancing in the classroom?

  • Are student tours and orientations allowed in small groups?

  • Are students required to socially distance on the bus?

  • At lunch, can students face each other, or do they need to all face one direction? How far apart are they required to be?

  • How will class sizes address social distancing?

  • With the 3-foot spacing requirement, are the desks required to be facing forward or can we put the desks in pods/table groups?

  • If our students are facing forward, how far away from the front of the room should the first row be positioned?

  • Will the kids be able to use the hooks in classrooms for coats and backpacks?

  • Are schools allowed to have multiple cohorts (student groups) mixing at recess?

  • What guidance do we have for school assemblies?

  • Are there any requirements for signage, directional arrows, standing dots, etc. this year?

  • Are staff required to be six feet apart during meetings and trainings?

  • Will schools encourage "family pods" at indoor events to ensure the social distancing?

  • Are we able to host indoor events after hours, such as PTA-sponsored family nights? If so, will proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test be required for adults who attend?


  • For outdoor sports, is wearing a mask required or recommended?

  • Are we going to require proof of vaccinations from athletes?

  • Do athletes need to be kept in cohorts like last year?

  • When students are outside, do coaches and adults need to be masked?

  • Do coaches need to have masks on outdoors?

  • Are coaches required to be vaccinated?

  • Will schools restrict admission into outdoor athletic events to ensure 3-foot distancing?

  • Is there a limit to how many people can come to games indoors or outdoors?

  • Will we have locker rooms for opposing teams and referees?

  • Will we have buses for athletics?

  • Will concessions be available both indoors and outdoors?

  • Can coaches ask parent volunteers to cover the weight room to provide more athletes access to the equipment, in addition to basketball and football team use?

  • Where can I find more information about Safety guidelines for Fall high school sports?

Testing & Vaccination

  • Will COVID testing be available for staff?

  • Will all staff be tested for COVID prior to the start of the year?

  • Will COVID testing be available for students?

  • What happens if a student tests positive, and then takes a subsequent test that is negative?

  • Are staff, volunteers and visitors required to get the COVID vaccination?

  • Are staff required to disclose their vaccination status?

  • Will Si View and the YMCA be allowed to offer after school enrichment classes at elementary schools? If so, will their staff be required to get the vaccination?

  • Are students encouraged to get vaccinated?

  • Are parents required to disclose their child's vaccination status?

  • How does a family verify their student's COVID vaccination status?

  • Is the vaccine FDA approved?


  • Can parents come in the building for elementary schools' Meet the Teacher events? Or, can only students enter the classroom?

  • What is the protocol for volunteers or visitors who are not district staff this coming school year?

  • Can outside groups (such as Think Boosters, PTSA, Rotary, etc.) meet on site at SVSD schools?