Elementary Class Roster Development Process

    The Snoqualmie Valley School District staff takes the task of student placement seriously. The process of developing class rosters in our elementary schools is very comprehensive and an important component of preparing for the upcoming school year. We can assure you that each school and grade level team devotes much time, effort, and care into developing effective class rosters. Every child is given equal consideration in the placement process. Our goal is to create well-balanced learning communities that provide the best instructional setting for each child. The placement teams work together to create balanced classes using the following carefully considered criteria: 

    • Leadership skills
    • Independent work habits
    • Social needs of each student
    • A balanced ratio of boys to girls
    • Motivation level of each student
    • Program needs of individual students
    • Behavior factors regarding each student
    • Compatibility of students with each other
    • A balance of achievement levels in reading and mathematics
    • Recommendations from school staff, parents, and/or previous schools

    We value and appreciate the partnership that exists between our families and schools. Each spring parents are given the opportunity to provide input on their child’s class placement for the upcoming school year. From your perspective as a parent, if your child has particular needs that may influence class placement, you may fill out a Parent Input Regarding Student Placement form. These forms are available at the front office of each elementary school and must be returned to the school office no later than the first Friday of May.

    Parent input will be carefully considered in combination with the other criteria mentioned above. Parent input will not be taken as a specific instruction, but as another factor in the placement process. The focus of parent input should be on your child’s needs as you see them and not on requesting a specific teacher. If you want your input to be considered, you must fill out the Parent Input Regarding Student Placement form. Do not consider a conversation with a staff member to serve as that input. Only written input will be considered.

    Class rosters are developed during the month of May. Throughout June and into late August, adjustments are made to incorporate new students and increased/decreased enrollment and staffing. Class rosters are finalized only hours before they are posted. Teacher assignment information will be available in your Skyward Family Access at 4 p.m. on the Friday before the first day of school.

    We share a common bond of wanting what is best for your child and we know that students thrive when parents and teachers partner together to provide the best learning opportunity for all children. With that in mind, final class assignments will be based on what is best for the individual student, as well as the impact on other students, other classrooms, and the total school program. Thank you for your continual commitment as we partner to provide the best education possible for your child.