8th Grade Promotion & End-of-Year Activities

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    We are excited for the upcoming events to celebrate your child(ren)’s end of middle school and the transition to high school! The following information is to help you prepare and understand procedures and expectations for the final activities of the year:


    Muffin Fest (Yearbooks) Monday, June 12th

    Eighth-grade students will be receiving their yearbooks (paid for earlier in the school year) during the morning classes.  Students have time to enjoy PTA-provided treats while spending time with each other signing yearbooks (all students participate, even if they didn’t purchase a yearbook). A limited number of yearbooks may be available for purchase on a first-come-first-served basis. Please have your student bring $30.00 on the day of distribution. No pre-sales on extra yearbooks. 



    • Positive messages written in yearbooks.
    • Students need to keep track of where their yearbooks are and who is signing them.
      • Do not leave them unattended on a table where anyone can write anything in it.
    • Defacing another person’s yearbook will result in consequences.
      • Replacement of defaced yearbooks
      • Loss of Lake Retreat


    Promotion Ceremony: Thursday, June 15th | 6:00 - 7:30PM

    This is the evening event and reception for students to be honored for their completion of middle school and their transition to high school.  The ceremony is in the TFMS gym; Reception is in the commons.  



    • This is a student-focused ceremony - led by students and with speeches and performances presented by 8th graders.
    • Students will spend part of the school day rehearsing for the ceremony.
      • Audience, please honor their practice by applauding at appropriate times. 
    • Seating for families is limited to the bleachers and the additional seating behind the students.
      • Students are seated around a riser-stage on the gym floor.


    Lake Retreat Wednesday, June 14th

    Students will travel by bus to Lake Retreat Camp in Ravensdale. The intent is for students to enjoy positive, social time with peers. 


    Activities (not limited to):

    • Students take a swim test to swim off the dock/diving boards
      • There is a “blob” for students to be bounced off 
    • Paddle boats/kayaks (life jackets and boating safety expectations required)
    • Enclosed courts: basketball, hockey, volleyball
    • Mini-golf
    • Sand Volleyball
    • Sports Field
    • Giant Tire Swing/swings
    • Fishing from shore (license required, BYO equipment)
    • Frisbee Golf
    • Hammocks



    Students are expected to display exemplary behavior on the bus to/from the activity as well as while we are at the Lake Retreat facility. 

    • Behaviors between now and then, as well as during the trip, may exclude a student from participation. 
      • These include but are not limited to:
    • Documented cases of bullying, intimidation and/or harassment behavior 
    • Violation of behavior contracts (existing or new) 
    • Illegal substance use
    • Behaviors deemed inappropriate by supervising adults


    We are all looking forward to the students taking part in these engaging, exciting, and positive experiences.