Health Services

  • As a department, our focus is supporting student health & academic success.  We are committed to contributing to a healthy & safe environment in which all students can learn. Our department is comprised of a lead nurse, several school nurses and health room assistants. We work closely with students, their families & school staff to promote better health & greater learning. Our team is responsible for mandated health screenings, immunization compliance, assessment of student health needs, development & implementation of required individual health/emergency plans, some health training and education for students and staff & other health related issues that are present in the educational setting. Questions or concerns surrounding your student’s health related to school are best addressed by your student's school nurse.  Staff assignments and hyperlinks to the school nurses' email can be found to the right.  

    Ill Symptoms - When to keep students home from school & when to return

    As we return to school, please be aware that COVID continues to be a public health concern that requires schools to follow State and County guidelines. SVSD has a  central  web location to help families find the most up-to-date school-related COVID information including flowcharts to determine when students can return to school. 

    Each student’s health status has a direct relation to their ability to profit from educational experiences. Preventing the spread of illness within the school setting is our best tool to keep the students healthy and our school community members play a vital role in this. If there is any question about the student’s health status, please make arrangements to keep him/her at home. This preventive step benefits your child and our school community.  It is important to understand that COVID and cold symptoms are primarily the SAME, sometimes very minor yet still contagious.