• SVSD Health Services Department

    As a department, our focus is supporting student health & academic success.  We are committed to contributing to a healthy & safe environment in which all students can learn. Our department is comprised of a lead nurse, several school nurses and health room assistants. We work closely with students, their families & school staff to promote better health & greater learning. Our team is responsible for mandated health screenings, immunization compliance, assessment of student health needs, development & implementation of required individual health/emergency plans, some health training and eduction for students and staff & other health related issues that are present in the educational setting. Questions or concerns surrounding your child’s health related to school are best addressed with your student's school nurse.  Staff assignments and hyperlinks to the school nurses email can be found to the right.  

    Returning to School after Ill Symptoms?

    As we head into the cold and flu season, please be aware of our new resources for determining when and how to return to school following symptoms of illness** available under COVID resources on the district website.  The flowchart and/or decision tree available on this page should be used by ALL students and staff that have had ANY potentially ill symptoms** and are ready to return to school/work.  It is important to understand that COVID and cold symptoms are primarily the SAME, sometimes very minor yet still contagious.  


    Our most frequent scenarios are those with cold symptoms without a known COVID exposure which fall into the 5th column of the above linked flowchart. To return to school, these individuals need to have:

    • A negative COVID test*
    • Improved symptoms that follow our SVSD guidelines, which include CONTAINED secretions (not a frequent runny nose, sneeze, cough, etc.) and be fever free for 24 hours (<100.4 without medication).


    *COVID testing:  Our schools are excited to be able to offer onsite rapid COVID tests as an option for our students and staff. Due to capacity limitations however, this testing is reserved for symptomatic students/staff and quarantined students due to exposure.  Please contact your school for availability.  Other testing options include Snoqualmie Valley Hospital (https://snoqualmiehospital.org/covid-19/), King County Public Health Testing Sites with Bellevue College the current closest (https://www.uwmedicine.org/coronavirus/testing), purchased home testing kits (not valid for some situations) or through your healthcare provider.


    **Potentially ill symptoms that could indicate a common cold, flu or COVID typically include one or more of the following: runny nose, congestion, cough, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, headache, abdominal pain/diarrhea, muscle pain/body aches, fever (100.4 or higher),  loss of sense of taste or smell. 

  • Health Services Staff School Assignments 

    Cascade View Elementary

    • School Nurse: Demi Watts 
    • Health Room Assistant: Heidi Cogle

    Chief Kanim Middle School

    Fall City Elementary

    • School Nurse: Angela Saxon 
    • Health Room Assistant: Heidi Cogle

    Mt. Si High & Two Rivers

    • Main Campus  - School Nurse: Amy McCrery 
    • Freshman Campus - School Nurse: Miranda Breshears
    • Health Room Assistant:  Ronda Ross & Katie Olmschenk

    North Bend Elementary

    Opstad Elementary

    Parent Partnership Program

    • School Nurse: Shani Kapoor
    • Health Room Assistant: Katie Olmschenk

    Snoqualmie Elementary & Preschool

    Snoqualmie Middle School

    • School Nurse: Shani Kapoor
    • Health Room Assistant: Katie Olmschenk

    Timber Ridge Elementary

    Transition Learning Center (& Child Care Center @ TR campus)

    Twin Falls Middle School