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    Mission Statement
    We are dedicated to provide a safe, effective and efficient service and most importantly, always being mindful of the safety and well being of the students.
    Bus Crossing
    Last year, despite the staggered starts of secondary and primary and working through the Hybrid schedules, our drivers delivered our students with professionalism and the best care possible.  Safety is always paramount with our Team or professional school bus drivers.
    Bus drivers meet all State and Federal certification requirements and go through extensive training before students are ever on board.  All buses are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, tire chains, and sanders. Drivers are well trained in the use of all emergency equipment. In addition, each bus is outfitted with a two-way radio for speedy communication and the latest technology in student transportation with Smart Tag. 
    Our employees are concerned about your child's safety. Bus behavior and exit drills are stressed and parent cooperation is earnestly sought. Your child will not be let off at an unassigned bus stop unless specific instructions from the parent are given in writing.  With Smart Tag, you will know when and where your student tagged onto and off the school bus.  Visit the Smart Tag page to learn more.
    Our basic rule is "Children will be where parents expect them to be."
    Director: Belle R. Tromp

    Telephone (425) 831-8020

    Fax (425) 831-8042