• Our Mission

    To provide an individualized, real-world interest-based education that prepares students to be active contributors to their communities,


    Our Vision

    Two Rivers graduates will have the skills and dispositions to adapt to and improve an ever-changing world.


    We Value





    Two Rivers offers a personal, family-like learning environment where students and their teacher-colleagues work side-by-side to the single goal of empowering the individual student with a meaningful education. High school students are assigned to Personal Pathway classes where teachers work with them as a team. In the Personal Pathway class, faculty review individual student progress regularly. 

    Students work to gain mastery of learning at their own pace. Students graduate when they have completed their course work and can demonstrate mastery of important competencies. Individual graduations occur throughout the school year, when each student has met their graduation requirements, a ceremony is held at the end of the school year for all graduates.

    Two Rivers is a school of choice. Students give up the broad course offerings and extracurricular activities of a comprehensive school for this more personal, individualized approach. Each student formally "chooses" the school, agrees to work hard each day and support the principles of the school; each parent agrees to actively support the student's serious efforts; and the school pledges an education which will allow students to thrive in a changing world.
    Entry RequirementsStudents wanting to enroll at Two Rivers must complete an application.  Once accepted, new students must complete our Success Strategies course before being registered for classes.
    Who We Serve: Two Rivers High School serves students who reside in the Snoqualmie Valley School District between the ages of 15 and 21 who are seeking a high school diploma. Our program provides a unique structure for students who need a different approach to learning. 

    Calendar: Our school year is divided into trimesters.

    Class Offerings: We offer all courses necessary to complete the compentencies that meet the 24 credit requirement for graduation.

    Schedule: Our high school schedule is designed similar to that of a community college. This method allows us to limit our class sizes to 15 students. Students participate in a combination of coursework, internships, interest based seminars, and PBL (Project Based Learning). Students are also enrolled in a Personal Pathway class where they work on Student Learning Plans, their High School and Beyond Plans, and Senior Projects.  
    Graduation Requirements:
    As part of the Snoqualmie Valley School District, Two Rivers High School requires students to meet all competencies in designated areas to reach graduation. All graduation requirements for the Snoqualmie Valley School District can be found on the district website.
    Below are student responses to the question:
    "Why might Two Rivers School be a good choice for some students?"
    • Two Rivers would be a good choice for some students that don't like the traditional high school environment. 
    • Two Rivers has small classes with more one-on-one interaction between staff and students.
    • Students have a chance to have more of a supportive relationship with teachers and staff. 
    • Every student has a reason they're here, so they are more serious and respectful of everyone in school.
    • Smaller classes provide teachers with more of an opportunity to assist students individually.
    • Students here are kind and friendly, everybody gets along. 
    • No judgement here, you are welcome just the way you are.                                      -Shelby Irvin

    -"Two Rivers School might be a good choice for some students due to it's size. it is a small school. With small classes. Because of these small class size teachers have more time to lend some help if needed. this gives students a great chance to help them work at their own pace."     -Joey Pinto & Dylan Cook

    -"Two Rivers would be a good choice for some because teachers here provide beneficial options for our future."

    -"Two Rivers offers a unique learning style to students. All the students make the choice to be here."    
    -"Two Rivers offers students the chance to explore what they are passionate about."