• Bonnie Beck





    My name is Bonnie Beck, and my students describe me as an organized, energetic, and very enthusiastic educator. I am the lucky mom of 2 beautiful little girls: Maddie, who is a Seventh Grader at CKMS; and Lily is a fourth grader here as well!!  I grew up in Portland, am an alumni of OSU, and a proud Beaver Believer... Win or lose! I have a passion for adventure and the outdoors, and for being healthy and active! Lifelong Seahawk super fan too!

    This is my sixteenth year at Fall City, teaching fourth grade. This is the most supportive community that I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I absolutely love teaching fourth grade students. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science from Oregon State University, and I earned my Masters of Education from Portland State University. Taught Sixth Grade in Oregon from 1999-2003, also having taught a split class the last year of fifth/sixth grade, as well as teaching incoming fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students for summer school from 1999-2002, seventh-ninth grade math and third-fifth grade math from 2004-2005.

    For the past (eek) twenty years I have had the pleasure to work in schools and districts that support creative methods of teaching. I have been able to integrate subjects, teach through project based learning, as well as base my teaching of content areas following best practices.

    I believe that students are naturally curious and want to learn. I also believe that learning is more meaningful when students have explored and constructed their own knowledge from real life experiences. All students are unique learners, with different learning styles that need to be addressed in my instruction. I want to instill in our students a love and excitement of learning.

    It is my goal that all of our students will be excited to come to school every day, anticipating what they will be learning in our class

    Students learn when actively engaged! Parents are a key to their child’s academic progress and success. If parents can look over their child’s homework to make sure it is complete, that would be a huge help. I communicate frequently, through email, phone calls, and notes; please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you may have.