MSHS Traffic Safety

    MSHS offers traffic safety classes after school and over the summer as non-credit courses.  Students must be 15 years of age and can register by emailing johnsonf@svsd410.org with the student's name, birth date, and first and second choice class sessions.
    For specific questions regarding traffic safety, please contact the instructor, Mr. Raisio, at raisiow@svsd410.org.
    2017-2018 After School Traffic Safety
    Class Days:   Tues, Wed, Thurs
    Time:   2:30 - 4:30 pm
    Location:   MSHS Main Campus, Rm 313
    Cost:   $480, payable at the finance window on the main campus
    Course Sessions:
    • Session 1:  Sept 5th - Oct 5th  CLOSED
    • Session 2:  Oct 17th - Nov 16th  CLOSED
    • Session 3:  Nov 28th - Jan 11th
    • Session 4:  Jan 23rd - Mar 1st
    • Session 5:  Mar 13th - Apr 20th
    • Session 6:  May 1 - May 31st