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Language Access Plan

The Snoqualmie Valley School District Language Access Plan affirms the district’s belief and value of strong family partnerships. It is designed to strengthen partnerships and ensure that schools communicate with all families in a language they can understand. This includes communications about programs, services, or activities.  The goal of the Language Access Plan is to ensure that our district provides high-quality and appropriate language services to our families. The guide provides the resources staff members need to engage with limited English proficient families.

Our district will provide timely, meaningful communication of essential information, including but not limited to information regarding language assistance programs, safety plans, special education and related services, IEP meetings, grievance procedures, notices of nondiscrimination, student discipline policies and procedures, registration and enrollment, report cards, requests for permission for student participation in district or school activities, parent–teacher conferences, parent handbooks, highly capable programs, magnet and charter schools, and any other school and program choice options.

Language Services